When I erode

It’d be lovely to know,

I would still hear an orchestra

As I settle to stillness.

Questionable though,

If vibration can’t help but dance?


Could there be chance,

If all souls were a force of energy,

Each humming their own story,

Musing and merging together -

As one infinite symphony?

Wouldn’t that be

Far more spectacular, tuneful and delicate

Than we had ever yet to know?


I’m now an amber jewel

All the past anger

Molten waste

Burnt as fuel

I’ve now solidified

Into crystal rock

A total metaphorsis

From my mental block

To a panoramic view

I’m no longer fire

just one beautiful hue

Of my heart’s desire

Born of infinite landscape

I’m the calm of the water

I’m not just your lover, friend,

I am life’s daughter.

You are too -

Don’t let it go to waste.

All that suffering you feel?

Go at your own pace.

You’re right where you are,

Grounded and steady.

You are the pebble of the ocean,

And you know this already.

So far removed.

Society, I mean.

Beeping horns, thorny stares,

Brexit propaganda to be seen


Thanks for the warm welcome, London!

So great to be back.

Glad to see your doors are open

I’m part of the underground pack.

Squeezed in little spaces

Tight sulphuric pockets,

Just keep calm and carry on

The tension could fire a rocket!

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