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Child’s World

Gurgle, the baby’s passion squiggles

And wriggles with excitement

As my ageing fresh already crinkles.

Inching and stretching

The years get less refreshing,

Fleshing out my inner spirit

In a fitting tantrum of slipping time.


Why isn’t the world wide mine yet?

These baby blue’s dreams

Careful rhymes

No fruition of dreams -

Just a hard aching of time.

The conditioning of the cynical

Society-beaten "truths"

All the optimism of my psyche

Lost to my short-lived youth.

The big bad world out there

Snipes in harsh aggression.

There’s no room for lullaby

Just a leary recession...

No transgression to maturity

Just this hardened world view.

We forgot how to feel light

To see life as brand new.

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