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"Wish I could fly with the arrows that I throw."
A song about waiting for your situation to change and dreams to come true.

I made this video in 2016 while I was feeling frustrated and hoping to launch a business with my partner at the time. My life unravelled and eventually my dreams disintegrated. After some time, I decided to release this personal song to show the journey I've been on for the pat few years and how I've come out the other end - waiting 4 years since my last music release, and vowing that 2019 will be different."


Patience Lyric Video


For Patience I wanted to try something new, be personal, simple and playful with a series of stop-motion hand drawn illustrations and brush script calligraphy. Wanting to support the sentiment of my song and how I was feeling with 'Patience', I created various scenarios to bring the lyrics and story alive. I produced this whilst we working hard on my business that was due to release but still very far off - you might notice a few clues in there (ukulele post-card, little bees etc).


Busy Bee Ukulele


Patience was made to show the process of making our ukuleles. Filmed and storyboarded by myself, and starring and producing our one of our branded products is Leigh Dovey from PJD Guitars. We wanted to create a buzz around our instruments as well as share our personal story and approach while to aim to pursue our dreams. If you want to find out more about Busy Bee Ukulele, check out

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LCM Song Of The Day: ‘Patience’


Our featured track today is the wonderful new single from singer-songwriter Katie Nicholas. We also love Katie’s design and artistic side and this comes to the fore in this animated video. After a hiatus Katie is back with new music and new projects and we are all excited here at LCM HQ to hear some of her new material.





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