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cabin fever

by katie nicholas

The latest music release produced by Katie Nicholas at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown! Written in 2017, Cabin Fever is a song about going crazy under someone else's house rules and feeling trapped in the wrong environment - and company. A quirky song and stop-motion video starring Sylvanian Families and a Dollshouse, this song is for those who feel the walls are closing in, both mentally and physically!

"it's kinda cosy in here, but hard to get out..."

Music Video

Cabin Fever by Katie Nicholas
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Music & Video by Katie Nicholas. 


Cabin Fever is not yet available on digital streaming platforms. Download here.

Cabin Fever Katie Nicholas.jpg


The Making Of

Find out more about my songwriting and home recording process, along with behind the scenes footage of filming, special effects and stop-motion animation.

The Making of Cabin Fever
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