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Soul diffusion

My efforts to jot down my emotions is to open my soul.

I can hear it talking to me but the language is still unknown.

I don’t know, truly, what the ending for us is.

I don’t know for how long these deep seated feelings will persist.

Will they leave me, or you, in the fullness of time?

Or will they continue, forever, in some universal paradigm.

Where our souls will float in unison, but only over our heads.

Maybe down here we won’t meet again, maybe only when dead.

And I dread that I think in such farfetched dimensions,

It sounds like delusion but I know his soul knows - Yet his earthly reactions, often restricted, primitive with his primary goal, Just may be that he’s afraid of being alone. As for me, I revel and rebel in that ominous space. It’s not the same but an oblivious notion I chase. Instead though, what I want is the deeper embrace, The glimpse and connection, that I know is there. Somewhere in the ether, I once accessed my soul. And I knew, at that point, I wasn’t dancing alone. But maybe we’re all dancing, with every one that we meet. We only notice this though, once we feel so complete. And that’s what he did, he completed my whole. But I know now, it wasn’t him; but me - he just enhanced my soul. And for that fleeting moment we were on the same plane. There was no fear, no loss nor no need for gain. I once accessed true love which now leaves a bitter aftertaste. He too is searching for this drug, while he feels out of place. But only human, we are. Only for now. And somehow for me 'the one and only',

Doesn’t seem so relevant right now.

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