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Social hysteria

Ever feel so overwhelmed by the world we live in? It's so busy, full of GIFS and animated sequences... repeating, turning and churning those same old ideas, desperate to be deemed as creative when really we're only rehashing, hash-tagging, chin-wagging and flagging and flailing and waving and wailing just to be noticed… to be seen, to be shamelessly obscene, for an ounce of your attention, but like goldfish thought retention... we’re so laden with media, it sucks from our soul, the lard and the matter of the new hack or goal. Seen to be or fear to see that this all lacks the truth. It's empty, it's cold, but coated in gold. So shiny, alluring, so quickly so boring. Oh to revert back to the tangible me, without my eyes glued to this nonsense news feed, where we're all announcing we’re so happy and free - while comparing ourselves through the filter we see.

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