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Quantum Shift

it was Love

that transcended me

to an incomprehensible platform;

catapulting me up from the mundane frivolity

of my subtle nonchalant existence.

Persistent, and enduring,

was a stream of energetic synergy -

met between the connecting

of two waves they call ‘we’.

Beyond the bleeding parallel lines,

we ricochetted in altruistic motions;

all the hunches of a non-linear life

rattled with its retching convulsions.

Along with the restrictions, conflictions,

and distorted points of view...

the meeting of another soul for me

was a pivotal others could misconstrue.

But that same binding energy -

(the underpinning of all we perceive) -

was quickly downgraded,

the moment the mind struggled to leave.

My take on existence now altered,

and unfathomable to many;

my outlook on time and structure

has now become a steady

Breakage - of the imaginable

ineligible, scrawled out-dated scripts;

that we still scramble to siphon

while the human perception shifts.

As it lifts and transports us

to higher conscious levels...

where the mind first constricts

before it breaks free and bevels.

WE are on the cusp of a new Golden Age.

And I know my chromatic musings

won’t make much sense at this stage.

But the symphony of the Universe

trebles, quakes - trembles and wavers.

While we skip past green spaces,

weaving syncopated quavers.

Recklessly waltzing out of time

On our darling dying Earth,

Our morality endangered;

Our priorities - impaired.

Our escapism of destruction

depends upon an alternate dimension...

Surely I’ve lost you now -

with zero gravitas to my perception...

But give it time; and you will soon be

the tingling within the vibrations

of everything we see.

There’ll be more ripples to my reflections,

as we dive deeper to the well of collective tissue.

It’s a connective conspiracy, which I boldly will issue!

But I won’t preach on the street corner,

While the realist looks on and laughs.

Handing flyers by the garbage

Stood upon the same dystopian path.

5th May 2019

Katie Nicholas

I wrote this stream of unedited mess in the early hours of one night in May. A few tweaks, but not many. I’m slightly freaked out... I’m in the middle of reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth - and everything he’s saying is basically what I’ve said up there, and I’m not sure where it came from. It’s so bizarre. I recommend this book to everyone.

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