Passionflower 🌺

I am the water within the stem of the shoot,

My red veins boil because I feel from the root.

My flair is a colour that bleaches the petal,

My passion is beauty, my reaction is fatal.

I was born of some ballistic nine planets,

I curl on the night and orbit bad habits.

Out of order, I’m futile, ferocious like Mars,

Tomorrow I’ll tend to soft Neptunian scars.

Today is contemplative, thinking in Mercury,

Yesterday I was pulled by waves of the sea.

Fooled by the moon, the Piscean’s dreamland,

Imaginative trickster, a skilled sleight of hand.

Often too Aries, the ascendant bears bold,

That renegade utopian is an Aquarian cold.

But true to my nature, my heart’s ocean wide,

Am I two little fish or more Jekyll ‘n’ Hyde?

The half-moon splits one Gemini twin

To play with redemption or ponder to sin?

Made of the good, the bad beautifully ugly,

Cryptic self-analysis persisting quite smugly.

Deeper, I’m a lily on the bed of my soul wave.

I tap in so slightly - yes, even before the grave.

A cluster of the elements, I cannot pick which one.

Just another dying daisy, but I know where I come from.


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