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Obstinate Obliterates


I complain of my menial mundanities

Within the cotton-wrapped worries of my cacoon;

But I’m a guilty baffoon.

Much like you.

And I have a voice.

And you don’t use yours, too.

We run riots in the mind,

Like the rest of mankind -



With the media.

Misspending, misplacing,

Our meaningless hysteria.

Just look at the headlines -

Lay off the “fake news”

All you ever do is abuse abuse abuse

And USE and rape our depleting resources

Always escaping the most pressing causes…

Only obsessing over fleeting applauses

Dopamine hits, pats on the back -

And wtf is the meaning of fleek?!

Oh boy... Ahoy! All aboard.

The horizon is bleak -

The Big Issue ignored.

But it’s not defeat…

When we haven’t even tried to contend!

Look at the fucking state of this world,

Yet we elude and pretend?!

And suspend and suspect,

That if we simply don’t look...

(That if we continue to not give a fuck)

That it'll all be okay?


The baboons have escaped

Let loose the elitist tirade;

One dirty ginger finger

Over the nuclear button -

Society enslaved!

Immigrants deprived.

Mein Kampf number 3.

Refugees bobbing like bottles in the sea.

Fish flanked with plastic,

Gulls and guts of bottle caps;

But hey tally ho - so what?!

No one gives a crap!

Toxic waste, that‘s what we are -

Just Gen Z left to clear the mess.

The Snowflakes weep at ‘Planet Earth’

“Aww’ - our reality sitcom, bless.

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