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Manic's Mayday

BURST into Spring

My most depressive state eroded;

The pollen, the colour,

Has all - EXPLODED!

The tension I’ve brewed,

(The meaning I’ve eluded),

Is just melt melt melting awayyyyy...

drip. drip. drip.

Oh, how longly I’d brooded!

Over the many cyclic moons,

Pink; the popping candy sky; -

Pin; poked into the bubble - Sighhhh!

This ludicrous scandal, shrunken dry.

And all while I was muddled,

Wrapped in stark misery;

I knew somewhere expansion Loomed close before me.

The toasty claustro enclosure,

Left neatly and so very handy.

The blindfold rolled up, ripped,

Finally, finitely - I SEE!

Only every bright motive.

Only the goodness in me.

No longer sugarcoated.

Just the essence; -

So, please, let me be.

(And please, keep me free).

I’ve been through the mill,

Crucified my aching poor will,

I’ve wallowed in so much sadness,

It only bolstered this chronic madness!

I was headed for the hills,

But just look at them rolling.

Undoing. Consoling.

Rewriting the wrongs


Tapping unto

An eternal hum within me.

All is in sync.

In the silky spot of the sun.

Baring a milky bluebell basket -

Yes! A picnic has begun!

Maytime is celebrating,

Upon a crochet verde blanket.

The poppy, sunflower swaying,

How you all look so fantastic!

Harmony meet the symphony,

Greet nature’s open orchestra.

No, I no longer sing a solemn tune

Now I found the magic formula.

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