Beg away.

Beg beg away.

Bag it up

Then ride away.

You never did return,

To reiterate those words you easily let slip.

So tally ho, tug at your grip

Watch the red switch in me, snap, flip



Off, then on, off then on on on...


Just a Gemini moon phasing through

The has-beens that have gone

Let go, I’m not coming through.

Breast stroke and ride

The radio waves,

Tele-pathetic thinking

Your presence still sticking, staying,

I wait til it fades

- For a while.

’Til you squirm

Cause I won’t nourish your whining.

Rotten apples, fine cider;

Well, you don’t console me with wine-dining!

Broken shackles

The birds set free

I know you want ‘me’,

But want is part of the greed.

A filler, a lip-biter thriller,

A chase,

A shoot out, -

We already took a bullet

Not for each other…

But kiss me, pout!

All I can take from you

Is I will never love another.

So please dear, disappear,

My long lost loitering lover.


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