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Sweet dreamer.

What do you believe in?

That you’re capable of so much more?

Or do you simply adore,

This card you’ve been dealt...

That you find yourself not truly asking for more?

I think you know,

You know you could.

Does that mean you should?

Well, yes! I cried.

Open that heart of yours so wide,

Because you could achieve things much greater,

You could make a stamp and press a crater,

Into the earth to make your mark.

To share your art.

Yet why are you so lax?

Did your belief waver perhaps?

Maybe prone to obstinate ways,

Don’t forget you’re accustomed to much bolder days;

Where your passions ignite in more hearts than your own,

Where your fiery lioness roars to reclaim her throne.

So instead of dawdling to dwell in this hole,

Don’t forget to not doubt the timing of your soul.

You are shifting through more transformative states,

But that doesn’t mean you lost track of the dates...

As eventually you’ll blossom into something new, again.

Do you really need to focus on how or when?

Instead just flow and go with your gut.

Don’t deny yourself dreams or get stuck in the rut

You so often dip into and drown with the tides.

Run with your blessings and don’t feel the need to hide

In shame, when you can’t keep up with your grandest notions.

Use your creativity and tie them to your turbulent emotions.

So that you can progress, share and connect deeply to those who appear in your life,

To rise to breathe to nurture the moments you feel most in strife.

So don’t worry, sweet soul,

Just keep taking small steps.

Either way, you’ll get ahead,

Just embrace what comes next.

No matter how long it takes.

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