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My depression descended and twirled like the red leaves swirling in the tepid turquoise waters of Kyoto. I fought back a tear, bit my lip as I began to well up in the most destructive sadness I had ever yet to feel.

What a mess; I solemnly thought as I sifted through the scenery, unable to enjoy the bliss it showered lightly on me.

The trees they silently swooned and stretched above, like a canopy of safety and shelter -

But even they couldn't embrace me how I so desperately needed.

I looked at him but he wouldn't meet my gaze...

He was looking for anything but me in my somber daze.

He wished for me to snap out of it,

Snapping at me like the brittle twigs beneath our tired soles.

Dead to me; and I was dead to him.

I needed him now but his patience wore thin.

And the harder I'd grasp, the harder he'd push me away.

Did he really not know he was killing me this way?

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