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I’m in love with colour,

And every sense we could succumb to;

Yet, dumbfounded I undulge

Until I feel it no more.

Breathe out breathe in...

Perhaps let‘s begin

To melt mediocrity in our phyche

Just by opening our eyes.

Like we’ve not seen life before,

The only thing we can truly adore,

Is the beauty of each waking moment.

...Yet suddenly it’s gone...

I feel no need to cling on.

As the next is just the same ~

But intrinsically so different.

Impermanence is wondering

When we won’t see it as infringement

Or a copy, or an attempt,

To replay it over and over again.

Why do such a thing

When every moment is a godsend?

My friend, we’re a majestic network

Of stars, linking all souls like ours.

Near and far, we work from the same web

One by one we awake, and transcend the live and the dead...

Yet we meet such a concept with underlying dread -

But listen beyond that dread -

And you’ll feel bountiful contentment instead.

Our body is a vessel for a profound story,

A connective tissue, an experience of sensory glory.

Do we take it for granted or explore it with childlike wonder?

Do we take our dreams and bound them or cast them asunder?

We battle with the storms of the intellectual mind,

But step further from it, and there’s the universe you’ll find.

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