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Is your pursuit of love

Misunderstood and blundered?

That others may question

Where your allegiances lie?

Wrapped within their bedsheets

Wandering only to ask yourself why?

I already saw through it...

You were looking to lose yourself.

And look, I see you - just like myself.

You fall into arms like our hearts fall from sleeves.

Then you bandage yourself up

When it’s not what it seems.

See, that sorta love is seasonal

And only feasible if it’s not true.

Falling into the wrong hands

So quickly sticky, infused like glue.

But I know that’s not what

you wanted to do

You just wanted something true.

Something softer, and unchained

Not tarnished by need or gain.

The pursuit of love -

We once pursued it in vain.

Perused and abused it

Like it was only a game.

Only wanting love,

But not the other person.

A vessel for our passion

But a seedless diversion.

These days we long for something fruitful.

A sweetness we can truly desire.

To love openly and honestly,

To confide then transpire.

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