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Frog & Lily

My dear,

The dreary, nondescript blurring of my days

For now form into a formidably warm summer haze.

Somehow you have set ablaze my tactless meander,

Rendered my ponder with an anchor bold answer.

As I flit from every lily pad I’ve crept upon so slightly,

The ripple of my crash was a shaking I felt fortnightly.

I could never catch my balance, but have I landed on a flower?

Resting, testing, and so tempting to stay…

Why should I give you that power?

I should be leaving anyway...

But why?

My cynicism now as flighty as my smiling;

Floral and delicate, I find myself unwinding…

I’m slowing now - taking each moment in.

I feel too softly for you; soft against my skin.

And still while I’m riddled with dissecting my sins,

When I land on his base, my weary theories fall thin.

Slimline I swim in such an easy emotion,

Feel I mustn't try too hard,

You've got an intoxicating potion.

And as I swell and bathe in this new landscape,

I don’t wish to leap, but not only for your sake.

My flighty tendencies will never be understood…

Yet I'm rather fed up of getting stuck in the mud.

Must we kiss a few toads before finding a prince?

Well, I landed on a lily and haven’t looked back since.

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