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"Feather EP" has been set free! 🕊️

Hi there friends 🕊️

You finally can listen to Feather as I first intended it to be heard - as a collection curated carefully in its order. Songs of human fragility in the realms of time, heart, mind and the soul.

I wrote these songs when I was most at odds with life and worn by its seemingly endless trials. But I need to say, I don’t feel like a bird with a broken wing anymore 🤍 - I think there’s a point when too much adversity snaps something out of you and does you a favour. It forces you to give up any needless obsessions with slipping time, how we appear in this world and our standing within it. Instead all that you do is for simpler sakes of joy and appreciation for being alive.

It wasn’t straight forward getting this EP out but I realised that’s the very nature of it - somehow drenched in sorrow while being the purest thing I’d ever made. I deeply believe that I wrote it for my mum too. Becoming acutely aware of her own quiet struggle, depth and multidimensional beauty. It was also through the intensity of grief, that I felt pushed into a kind of freedom I had never known before.

I felt primed to leave all pain behind, in order to serve what the soul deeply asks for. And I know my mum wanted to see me happy, to stop all doubting - she always wanted me to fly 🕊️ so now I’m really trying x

Credits & Thank Yous

Thank you Isabella Baker and Anna Corcoran for your incredible musicianship. You guys are the most intuitive and creative players I know and I’m constantly inspired by you - feel so lucky to be able to share the stage with you both too.

Thank you James Wyatt from Sloe Flower Studio for holding the space where these songs could flourish. For you sympathetic gifts as a producer, mixer and engineer of this project. Thank you Rogan Kelsey too for your extra attention to detail on this, it’s the first time I’ve 100% felt good about my work.

Lastly but not least, thank you Isabella Rubin for the perfect photography to go with this collection of songs. You are incredible!

Stream, download, save 🤍 hope you love it!! xxx

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