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Boxing Day: My idea of fun 🌅💜

I spent many years wondering why I couldn't just put it all down for minute, but I realised - I can’t. I spend every moment thinking about transmuting imagination into something tangible. Whether that’s music, poetry, video or design. It’s equally energising and exhausting (luckily the first mostly, when in full flow).

I can’t really stand to keep all my ideas in anymore, I always worried it’s “too much” for people - but truth is, it’s too much for me! My mind is like a fishbowl and in need of constant renewal and release to keep the waters fresh. Otherwise it’s very easily swamped and stifled.

I do believe more than half the battle we all often experience with creativity is doubting the place it goes once it leaves the inner realm. It’s pretty scary to let it all slip through your fingertips after clutching on to a piece of yourself for so long. But that’s the price we pay to find peace in our discomfort. To push ourselves outside of ourselves is what it means to evolve, stretch to our furthest reaches and get even closer to knowing how limitless we all actually are.

Right best get back to the mince pies - elaborate as ever even on Boxing Day. Christ! 😂

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