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Don’t let me break your heart

I’m not the one, just only one part

Of the story, a momentary glory

For which will eventually cease

Don’t compound this defeat

By clinging on to me

That person who already told you

That she wished to be free

To find herself, to go it alone

But I’ll still feel love for you

As if you were my own

Love is just a funny thing

It’ll make you cry, it’ll make you sing

Or maybe that fling didn’t mean a single thing

But perhaps it did - so don’t lie

Don’t pretend you didn’t spend a night by their side

Don’t pretend you didn’t lead them this way

Just because your own heart had no intention to stay

Don’t lead on the bright and light hearted

Because you have to be careful of what you have started

This year I’ve broken hearts

While tending to my own

But little had I known

I had done all this damage, alone.

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