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‘You’re good at hiding emotions’

Only somewhere I felt a hint

A distinctive dull feeling

It felt rather unappealing,

But perhaps he is right.

So I won’t fight.

Because that I question too.

Why is it so easy to dismiss his pensive hue?

I see the shades of his confusion

Blur before my eyes

Yet I’m not compelled enough

To reach out for his cries

To try to consider

While I don’t feel a thing

And If I told him, well it’d only sting -

that much I know.

And although I paint a soft pastel portrait

I'm passive in knowing I’m perhaps not so quaint.

As the world around flurries and sinks in their oceans

I can’t help but feel numb to those turbulent emotions

Did I build a safety net or am I already dead?

Did my fuse blow out so now I feel nothing instead?

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