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I feel my heart in a clamber as it shuffles to the fumbling of my anxious fingers, twisting my unease and winding it around tips of my tilting mind. One second I'm fine, the next I just can't define it... a pang of sadness mixed with a familiar fluttering in my chest. I watched the night in the depths of my palpable sorrow, as my heart expanded with glowing assurance then evaporated with my burdened breath.

Like a gas lamp flickering with the ignition of light,

Like fireflies flitting through the warm navy night,

Flashing in temperamental hues,

My heart expanded again - before constricting too soon.

It's hurting, she misses him.

And he knows it too.

And in that moment they danced on an ethereal plane,

Twirling, exalting, like violet and blue flame,

For up here there is no more disdain.

Just love.

For the first time in forever I felt his presence,

But then once again I felt his pain...

And in the flash of that moment, eternity did fly,

Spiralling me back inside to the confines of my mind;

Lights off, returned to this darkened room,

For a moment I knew that he loved me too...

Before my heart dimmed and my breath did resume.

Looking out over an uncertain lagoon,

Shadow-cast by the glow of the moon.

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