Funny how a taste can catapult you in time.

To your childhood locked behind an old nursery rhyme.

A colouring book, Ruby's eyes, bubblegum, or mince pies.

Galloping horses, felt, white bread egg and cut fries.

Pokemon, cauliflower, top trumps or the store.

VRC stacked behind gated white walls (all so tall when I was four).

'The never ending story' and those musty brown covers,

What's under this chair, wonder what else I can discover?

Sliding yellow glass, floral and frosted iced scones,

Let's nip to the neighbour - but never too long gone.

Green matte coat, headscarf, I can still feel the touch,

She'd whistle forever, it never seemed too much. Hush hush.

I'll hold him, you hit him, she'd repeat the same lines.

Memory faded, jaded but she'll stay bright within mine.



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