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Katie Nicholas is an English singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer from Liverpool, UK. She made her solo debut with the studio album Dizzy (2015), followed by various self-produced campaigns including Patience (late 2018) and Cabin Fever (2020). Nicholas established herself early on as a 360 artist - producing, filming, animating and directing her videos independently.

Her earliest release Chemistry (2013) credited her with a Mayor of Liverpool Youth Music Award for her creativity and writing at the age of 17. A year later Katie moved to London to pursue a career in Advertising & Creative Design as an apprentice, eventually leaving to be freelance and focussing her energy on her original music.

With many creative pursuits pulling her in various directions over time (a hiatus to focus on poetry), Katie has returned with a new focus for 2023. Her ambition to release 50 songs via her "Songwriter Diaries" series will reveal the various forms and eras quietly explored until now, all of which make up the many phases of Katie Nicholas as an artist. 

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