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Magic of the Micro & Macro...

I wanted to share a few pics from the feather sessions we recorded last year. Amidst it being the hottest day of ‘22 when filming, it had a few more redeeming qualities. Namely the gifts of Ed Hall who shot the entire thing so seamlessly, Arianna Sansone who embodied the songs so beautifully, including the ladies that continually astound me with their musicality: Izzy Baker, Anna Corcoran, Rachel Nicholas and Helen Milroy.

There were so many nods to magic that day… I’ve been dying to mention the timing of those two natural spotlights piercing through the sun roof and glittering over Arianna half way through filming feather. Ed managed to grab that moment flawlessly.

Even the blissful stroll home in the August sun, past the docks and watching the swans sway on the water felt significant to me. It’s not that I was seeking magic, but more it presented itself so naturally that day.

There’s so much meaning for me woven into feather, as both a musical and personal journey. And while I had it everything planned out, to share and keep to some militant schedule, I discovered time and time again that magic cannot be bent or controlled by my own will. The micro (me) has no permission to demand from the macro (life). Magic cannot be chained nor held captive, pushed to perform when “you” are ready. It’s got its own flightpath.

I guess where I’m going with this waffling essay, is that the remainder of what I still had planned for feather and never quite got round to, I will leave until it happens organically and contribute to the project only when it feels right.

I have so much lined up for 2024 that beats to a different drum. Feather was the shedding of a self that no longer serves or suits the skin I’m now in. Where once I felt conflicted by the aches of time, the heart and mind is where I now feel at home again.

There’ll be more* - you’ll find “The Feather Collection” YouTube playlist building patiently over the year with some “String” shows which emulate the emphatic sound we managed to create at the Philharmonic this year.

Thanks anyone who’s shared enthusiasm with me over my creative processes. I can’t wait to continue following the joy!



Watch the "Feather" session here:

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