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Year of the bloom

Hello there!

I’ve been quiet (well, quieter than my usual tirade of posts and creative frenzy).

How’s everyone doing out there?

I wanted to update those who may at all be interested… 2024 is looking to be the year that I share and do more than I ever have. I’ve been chasing my own tail for years, in an effort to catch up with all I repressed and never put out, musically.

I have this image in my mind that I’m entering a phase where I don’t want to blink and miss it all. Where the bud is finally blooming and we’re past the thorny stretch.

It’s probably going to look like all I share this year has just fallen out of the sky, but truthfully I’ve been silently chipping away at it all for years in the dark. And in that place, often I couldn’t even see if it’d ever reach the light of day.

So, I think I can see it will now. I’m so excited. I’m just giving you a heads up - it’ll be a lot of music, madness, and most of all - fun. It’s all right around the corner. Jump in, join me!


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