There's nothing I love more than creating a buzz around a new creative project; whether it's making a new music video, an album campaign, or Ukulele business. Take a look at my latest creative pursuits here.



@katiescribe began in 2016 as an outlet for a difficult time. Stopping music for 2 years, I was riddled with anxieties that bled into every part of my life. The only relief I could find was to write and exert every single nonsensical thoughts from my head - no matter how raw. My love for words and lyrics grew into something so much more - a way to find myself again and serve as a rewarding form of therapy.


Busy Bee Ukulele 

What happens when a luthier and illustrator joins forces?

A very unique ukulele campaign. Taking a personal approach to our homegrown brand, we aim to stimulate a buzz with our iconic products, story and ethical interests in saving the honeybee. Along the way, hoping to ignite and inspire other’s creativity, because if we can make a buzz then you can too!


Video Making

Follow the process to the making of my music videos here  with insight into the story-boards, planning, process and creation. From videography to stop-motion or animation, there's plenty of content to explore showing the creative process behind each project. 


Dizzy Campaign

In 2015, Katie independently released her first album, Dizzy. Aspiring to show it’s possible to create a buzz while unsigned and self-sufficient, her successful campaign generated such an interest that her custom designed CD sold out on first batch. Take a look inside the overall campaign, the pre-order fun and the successful event.


Album #2 in Nashville 

In September 2018, Katie travelled to Nashville, Tennessee to record the foundation of her second album at Blackbird Studio. Follow her current journey on the completion of this next body of work here.




J O U R N E Y 旅  @katieintokyo is an online travel journal and series of photography taken on my visit to Tokyo and Kyoto in late 2017.

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